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The Risks of Cheating in Online Poker

Online poker has grown into a massively popular game that it's hard to miss such games when you go online. Try visiting several websites at random and you'll most likely see a banner ad or two featuring an online poker site. Along with the explosion in popularity comes a few annoying and potentially damaging player behavior, which includes online cheating.

Online cheating is just one of the several issues surrounding the world of online poker. Legality, Internet fraud, scams and safety are just some of the issues concerning online poker. Although cheating in online poker can be considered a lesser evil compared to other aforementioned issues, it should not be taken lightly. In fact you could become a victim of online poker cheating the next time you play.

Many articles have been written on the subject of poker cheating, either in land-based casinos or in online poker rooms. Various cheating methods perpetrated by dishonest players have been exposed and warnings issued to players urging vigilance. Collusion, or the connivance of players at the same table, is one technique that can be detected by studying hand histories and by being aware of suspicious behavior.

Online poker cheating is definitely possible, but how about cheating the online poker room itself? There are some unconfirmed news reports of players hacking the random number generators of online poker rooms, but the online gambling industry generally dismisses such reports as rumors. However, online poker rooms have been smart enough to plug holes in their systems to prevent and curtail such attempts.

So why do some online poker players cheat anyway, despite the risks of getting caught? Many cheaters were players who last a lot of money and now want an easy way to get their money back. As always, there is the temptation to gain an unfair advantage over other players and the online poker room.

Cheating and all forms of dishonest play should be avoided at all costs if you want to make a profit from online poker. There are countless strategies that are more effective in helping you win in poker than by resorting to unfair play. Besides, online poker rooms don't tolerate cheating and will not hesitate to kick out erring players. Worse, you may even have your account suspended or you may be banned from playing again at the online poker room.

To avoid becoming a victim of online poker cheating, or any form of dishonest or illegal tactics, you need to be alert for any signs of suspicious behavior. Play only at online poker rooms that guarantee your safety and promote fair and responsible gambling. Install firewalls and anti-virus software into your computer. Don't be tricked into visiting websites or downloading files recommended by strangers, and at all costs, don't give away sensitive personal information (such as credit card numbers) to people or websites you don't trust.

Honesty is the best policy, and that holds true for online poker. Just play your game the best way you can using whatever skills and strategies you have, and there will be no need for online poker cheating.