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Poker Pro David Williams & His Love for Card Games

Unlike some poker professionals who started playing poker as early as seven years old, David Williams only began playing at the age of seventeen years old. Nevertheless, he was a kid who had always been fond of card games. He was already playing cards during his younger years but he was playing a different kind of cards. During that time, he was into playing the card game "Magic: The Gathering." David Williams was very passionate about such game and up until now, he still loves talking about it. He describes Magic as a card game that somehow resembles poker and chess but it is just a unique game, which makes it really interesting.

David Williams even became one of the best players of Magic. He was very much immersed in the game that he joined Magic tournaments in the 1990s. He earned thousands of dollars by merely playing Magic. He even qualified for the World Championships of Magic that was held in Toronto, Ontario in 2001. Unfortunately, he got disqualified from the game because of the allegations that he was cheating. Such incident resulted to his suspension from Magic tournaments for a period of one year.

While he was suspended, David Williams decided to learn how to play the high-stakes poker game of Texas Hold'em. He started to hone his skills by playing online poker. After a year, he went back to playing Magic. However, he was already more interested in playing poker and he was determined to pursue a career in such gambling game.

Nobody taught David Williams how to play No-Limit Texas Hold'em games but himself. He was already joining tournaments even though he was not coached or trained by any poker professional. Eventually, he became friends with poker professional Marcel Lϋske, who willingly became his mentor.

David Williams has several victories since 2000, but it was in 2004 when a single poker game made him millions of dollars richer. This occurred after winning second prize in the championship game of No Limit Hold'em held during the 35th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP). By ending up as a runner up, this poker professional was not able to earn any WSOP bracelet. But nevertheless, he was still able to earn a whopping US$3,500,000.

David Williams earned a WSOP bracelet two years after winning millions of dollars. This poker professional won first prize in a Seven Card Stud event that allowed him to earn US$163,189.

David Williams is still very fond of playing Magic. However, he knows that Magic will just be a card game that he will play as a hobby. He is determined to continue being a poker professional.