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The Myth Busters on Video Poker

The game of video poker has some similarities with the game of slot machine where it is also surrounded with common myths which can distort the video poker player's understanding on how to play the video poker correctly.

The fallacies and myths involving video poker give its players the wrong concept on how they can play video poker better than merely believing in some myths that are relatively untrue thereby misleading many video poker players on how to play the game appropriately.

Here are some common myth busters that will enlighten the wrong concept of video poker players:

Myth No. 1. With every 40,400 hands the royal flush is bound to occur.

This is untrue considering that while the average chance to hit a royal flush can be at the range of 40,400 hands it is less likely to occur due to the fact that each hand dealt by the machine to its player is done randomly. With every hand dealt at random, the chances are either the player will hit a royal flush twice in a row or never at all even at 100,000 hands. So the video poker machine is never due to give a royal flush in a certain number of hands.

Myth No. 2. Video poker players always thought that after seeing a player who played after them hit the royal flush it could have been them if they have stayed longer to play the machine.

This is entirely a wrong concept due to the fact that each hand draw is randomly picked by the machine with continuous generation of numbers by the machine in every second. The player has to click the deal button at the precise second the next player would have pressed the deal button to be able to get the royal flush.

In short, every second of running the machine will give a different hand draw to the player. Hitting the same second as the other player did which made the machine draw a royal flush is entirely coincidental and perhaps luck has played a major role for it to occur.

Myth No. 3. Every hand dealt is programmed in the machine.

This is another wrong concept. The video poker machine operates with a random number generator which ensures all cards dealt to the player are drawn at a random fashion. The cards dealt are not programmed into the machine but rather is picked from the 52 card deck randomly.

Myth No. 4. Playing the video poker machine gives a cold and hot cycles.

While it may seem to a poker player that the game has a hot and cold cycle, it is entirely wrong to assume this because it is a fact that the machine operates in a manner that every hand has the same chance to win. Moreover, the game has independent outcome where the previous hand dealt has no way to affect the future hands to be drawn.

There are many other myths and fallacies involving video poker however its players must always see the game on a mathematical standpoint to know the odds and probabilities involved which are vital to make the best hand decision. This is what gives a video poker the winning edge when playing video poker.